Elite Course


The start area was in front of the Yas Viceroy Hotel at Yas Marina. Athletes started from a pontoon (0.6m high) and stood in a starting position approximately 70cm wide. The Race Referee with the assistance of ITU Technical Officials, who were assigned to the start, started the Swim Course. Athletes were required to leave their last minute gear at the swim start inside a dedicated box and the LOC carried those bags back to the Athletes’ Lounge.

The swim took place at the in front of the Viceroy Hotel at Yas Marina, a short walk from the race village. The 2017 swim start was a dry start off the pontoon. The course comprised of two laps in an anti-clockwise direction. The first lap was 900m followed by a second lap of 600m. The exit ramp took the athletes into the race village and transition. The average water temperature at this time of year is approximately 22 degrees.

The cycle course comprised of multiple laps, with each lap passing through the race village and directly in front of the grand stand. On exiting the race village, riders entered the F1 circuit (Yas Marina Circuit) with a right turn and up via the pit tunnel. Riders then cycled on the challenging and technical Yas Marina circuit before exiting onto the road. A sharp right turn took them down to the helipad with a sharp right turn back into the transition area. The route was 10 laps of 4km of the Yas Marina Circuit.

A looped course, consisting of four laps of 2.5km. The athletes exited transition and up the hill out of the pit tunnel and onto the F1 Track. The athletes followed a portion of the cycle course they had just finished on the Yas Marina circuit. Runners then made their way back alongside the Drag strip and made a sharp right turn, passing through the race village in front of the spectators on the grand stand. The finish line was situated in the same location.

There were two wheel stations on the bike course. The first station was your own station with your own brought wheels, and the second station was a neutral wheel station with provided wheels.

The penalty box was situated 20 meters before the entrance to the Transition / Finish area.